On My Days & In My Mind (by Rungaroon Plintron)

เล่าสู่กันฟังในวันว่างๆ (โดย รุ่งอรุณ ผลินธร)

Late Return

         Att, my old friend, and I didn’t see each other for long time.  Suddenly, I missed her very much.  We were good friends for years and most of time we liked to called each other and had a long talking.  This time I wanted to call to surprise her again.


        I found her old address in my little notebook, which I recorded all of my friends’ addresses and phone numbers.  I called her number, but it was not in service anymore. 

      “Maybe she moved,” I thought. 

However, one feeling raised  up on my mind, it was cold and lonely feeling with no reason. 


           My memory went back to the old time that we used to visit each other.  Both Att and I liked gardening, so we often exchanged experience in growing plants ,vegetables, flowers and gave each other some vegetables seeds, which we could not buy from the store.  Att had green-thumb for growing vegetables and flowers.   She loved all kind of roses.  Besides gardening, we both loved to share stories about our dogs.

             The most remarkable memory about Att was her singing.  She liked to sing Thai county songs. 

             “I don’t care who will listen my voice or not, I just love to sing just for fun.” She said.

When I moved from South Dakota to Minnesota, Att often recorded her singing into many tape cassettes and sent to me for entertaining.

 However, my old tape player stopped working since then I didn’t have a chance to hear her voice inside each tape cassette again.  I tried to find the tape player in many secondhand stores, but no luck on that.

             “It’s O.K don’t worry maybe my voice killed your tape player.   I’m sorry that happened.”

             Att said and laughed when we talked on the phone.


 Her last request still echo in my ears.

“Write to me more whenever you have time, or if you don’t have time to write just call me.  I like to hear from you.”

 “I will and you write to me any time O.K.?”  I asked her.


Time passed by too fast, and I moved to another town.  Although I had intention to write and to call Att, but I kept push off time to do that.  It was my fault not to keep in touch with her just because of my busy daily routines.


Then Att came back in my mind again when I found my friend’s address book. 

 When I heard the message that her phone was no longer in service, I thought maybe I dialed the wrong number.  I tried and tried again but I couldn’t reach her. 

Then I started to search her name, her husband name to find their new address online. 

The information about Att was showed up, but that was not I wanted to see.  Because her information was printed in obituaries.


 It is hurt and painful feeling!

  It is very hard for me to learn about her departure to another world!

 I feel like I was abandoned alone in the rainy day, and the rain of teardrops flood in my heart until this moment.  


Farewell, my dear friend.  Please accept my apology for late return. Please God take care of you in his kingdom.




 Credit picture: Pixabay.  Thank you very much.

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